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Name:Dementia    Race: Annysia
Sex: Female  Age:300  Hair: Blonde 

Eyes: Blue  Skin: Pale  Height: 6ft. 

Class: Fairy Fighter
IQ:__  Skill Bonus:___  Strike:__
ME:__  PSI:___  Save Vs. Psy:___
MA:__  Intimidate:___ Initiative:__
PS:__  H+H: Fencing   bonus:___
PP:__  Dodge:___  Parry:___
PE:__  PPE:___ Save Vs. Magic:___                 WP: Sword, shield, Bow, Dual Swords
PB:__  Seduction:___                                        1st Weapon: Sword: 1d6x10 + 1d6x10 cold
SPD:___  MPH:___  KPM:___                            2nd Wepaon: Bow, Sword (Spell: Ice Sword)
Attacks:__ Hit Points:___ Gold:__________      Armor: Studded leather (Spell: Ice Armor)

Skills:                                          Spells:                                    Items:

History: Dementia was born 300 years ago in an Annysian town called Antia, within the Black Forest. Annysia live up in the tree tops in gigantic trees. The trees form the buildings that the Annysian architects ask the trees to create. Then they help the trees grow faster

with rituals and meditation. The buildings the architect thinks about while in meditation the tree will create. The Annysia are one with the trees, plants, and animals.

      She is a princess and the head of the guard. Her fighting skills are remarkable. She can confuse any opponent and disarm them and take them to the ground with ease. Her father king Ohtar didn't want her to be in such a dangerous position and be more lady like. But, she was never into dresses and being proper. She wants to be a great general but, her father told her if she can manage the guard for the kingdom first then he will give her the army. The general of the army wants her heart and tries to bride her with swords and armor but, she has no interest in him except for the equipment.

       Her weapon of choice is sword and shield or dual swords. Her fighting style is more strategic. She waits for the opponent to expose a weakness that she can exploit. She is more of a defensive player with many tricks to confuse and stumble the opponent. Such as using the shield to attack with aswell as the sword. She is quick and agile which works to her advantage spinning around, kicking, and dodging to the side of the opponent. 

       She also uses varius spells to enhance her speed and agility. She can summon wings to fly and also summon a sword and shield from ice. She can summon a layer of ice armor for extra protection. Each Annysia can master an element of magic. She has chosen water.

She can walk on water, breath within the water, freeze water, purify water, and create objects

from water such as weapons. She can also teleport home from anywhere in the realm and transform into anything living thing her size or smaller.

       Her family life is something she dreds. Everyone treats her differently because she is royalty. She is the middle child with two other brothers Val and Liritar. Liritar is the brother next in line for the throne. He spends all his time reading books of war, philosophy, and lore of the land. He is very intelligent and is into the magical arts. He can summon a legion of undead or demons to fight but, give him a sword and he won't know what to do with it. Val is the opposite of his brother. Val favors the sword. And not just any sword, a huge and heavy double-handed sword. He wears alot of heavy plate armor and is a foot taller than his brother. His muscles would scare off a foe alone. He serves as second in command of the army due to the fact his tactics are more brutal and straight forward than strategic. His magic is very limited. Only to boost strength and damage.

       Latia her mother is the ideal lady. She takes care of her husband and everything in the castle. She makes sure all the staff are doing their jobs and plans out parties and festivals in side the castle, out in the square, or the market. She is always wearing beautiful dresses and her hair always up in braids or a tiera. She has a crown but never wears it. She thinks its not fashionable and doesn't like to throw her rank around. She is very nice but extremely intelligent. She can talk any angered person into peace and she is one of the most beautiful woman in the realm. She wasn't born from a royal family but, Ohtar never let anything stop him. She is the one who tries to keep the traditions alive.

      Dementia is a mirror image of Ohtar. He cares nothing for royalty traditions. He doesn't like going to gallas and balls or dinners. But, for the kingdom and to keep the nobles in line he has to show his face and display his thoughts. He too favors the sword and shield or dual swords. He taught her everything he knows about battle. The two can normally be found fighting in the courtyard, jumping benches and hedges and trampling flowers.